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16th March 2018
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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe In Manchester



Tips To Keep Your Home Safe In Manchester



Did you know, a large percentage of burglaries are walk-ins?

On average it takes 30 seconds to snap a cheap lock!

Open windows and unlocked doors gives burglars very easy access to take whatever they want of YOURS!




Being burgled is not just about losing your possessions. being burgled will take the sense of feeling safe in your own home away from you. Everyone should be able to feel safe in there own property!

Below we will give you some of our top tips to Beat The Burglar. 




Tips To Keep Your Home Safe In Manchester

  • Lock Up – Lock your properties door at all times. It takes on average 5 Minutes for a burglar to clear a room for what they want!
  • Don’t Have Your Items On Show – A few seconds is all it takes for an intruder to reach through a window and grab your Stuff!
  • Unknown Caller? – Don’t let them in behind you. Don’t feel pressured to inviting someone you don’t know into your property! 
  • If You Have A Chain On Your Door Use It – Don’t fully open your door if you don’t know them it gives them easier access!


Take a look at what else we can Secure your home with.


Authorized Access are an approved, highly experienced locksmith and UKLA (UK Locksmiths Association) approved company and have been established for over 30 years. Everybody wants the best security, but as much as your business or your home is unique, so are your security needs. At Authorized Access, we can carry out our SRA (Security Risk Assessment) in order to evaluate the best products appropriate for your needs. The solutions we can create consist of anything from a simple Cylinder upgrade to a Steel door, or from a Safe to a Safe Room.

Authorized Access only supply and install British Standard, PAS24 and TS007 Products, we believe there should be no compromise when it comes to YOUR Security. With our Manchester Locksmiths Trade Counter and Show Room you can visit us and discover how to upgrade your security, keeping your costs down and within your own budget. From a Padlock to a Safe we can direct you to the right product for whatever you need to secure, whether it be your home or a bicycle, to a car or even a barge home!


If you have any questions regarding any security questions we will be more than happy to answer them. Our Telephone number is 0161 762 9936 or you can send us an email on sales@authorized-access.com




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