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23rd November 2017
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Securing Your Property This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner and burglary on the rise. Just how protected is your property?

At Authorized Access we can provide you and your property with;

Key Cutting Services

Key Cutting Services – We can cut and source keys to code for all applications, ranging from high end restricted keys, to a standard “Yale” key; we can provide them for you. Technology is so advanced now in some cases we don’t even need a key to copy from; this is called Cut to Code. If your key has a unique number stamped on it, we can either cut a new key from this code, or order in a new key for you. The bonus for this is that in each case you will receive a brand new key for your door or cabinet, which will in turn provide longevity to the lock itself. When copying keys you can wear down the original lock so eventually it will stop working.

Lock Upgrades and Replacements

Whilst ensuring your customers and employees are safe inside your premises, you also need to take measures to deter criminals. Your business activity will guide your approach to security. In simple terms, high value products will attract more criminal activity and demand a higher level of security, however even those items with a perceived low cost value will be attractive to somebody. Taking a logical approach to securing your business will help ensure you don’t miss anything that might help eradicate any chance of crime. In the current climate, the effect of interruption to business is greater than ever before.

Padlocks & Chains

Padlocks come in all shapes, sizes, costs and security levels. Don’t be fooled into thinking any old padlock will do! The purpose of the lock determines the type of padlock you need. There are two main varieties of padlock; open and closed shackles. Open Shackle Padlocks are designed with the shackle fully exposed, whereas Closed Shackle Padlocks are designed with limited access to the shackle in order to provide a higher security level.


At Authorized Access, not only do we sell safes, we also provide a full range of safe services which include:

Safe Removal
Safe Relocation
Gaining Entry
Lock Repairs
Lock Upgrade
Replacement Keys

Never get caught out – always ensure your safe is an insurance approved safe. If it isn’t we would recommend you have it replaced as the last thing you would want is for it not to be covered by your insurance.


Shutters, Bollards, Grilles

Did you know that there are 8 different variations of a Roller shutter? Do you require an electric or a manual roller shutter? If you are not sure, then ask the team at Authorized Access and let us determine the best suited roller shutter for your premises to suit your budget and more importantly your needs. Do you need a roller shutter or would a security grille be enough for your needs? Our insurance approved Security Grilles can be used instead of a roller shutter. Whether a domestic or commercial property we can assist you in purchasing the right product for your needs.


Don’t let someone ruin your Christmas because you didn’t have the proper protection. Call us on 0161 762 9936 or visit our Contact form