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31st May 2018
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Professional Key Cutting In Manchester


Professional Key Cutting In Manchester



Whether renting or buying a property, do you really know who has a key to your home or workplace? How trusting have you been with workmen? How trusting has your Landlord been with sub-contractors? How many employees have left, who still have keys?

Recent research by insurers found that the vast majority of landlords do not change the locks on properties between tenancies, even if not all the keys have been returned. Have you checked with your insurance company as to whether or not you’re insured if someone gains access with a key? If not then we’d suggest you contact them today!


Take a look at our Ninja Key Cutting Machine! 



Is your key worn out, old or just battered? Don’t worry  our locksmith will ask you for a code on the key once this is put into our Key Cutting Machine it will carefully and accurately cut you a brand new key.



Restricted/Security Keys (these are keys which require authorization to be cut):

Any information stamped on the key i.e supplier/manufacturer name, reference number.

A Security Card that came with the lock and keys.

A letter of Authorization on headed paper to be emailed or sent in the post detailing the exact requirements. This letter should be signed by an authorized person.

Number of keys required.

Contact details including Name, contact number and full postal address.



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