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There are a wide range of safes available on the market, and picking the right one can make a difference to the level of security you achieve. For example, Data Safes and Document Safes have an intended purpose, which are usually security in a commercial setting. Whereas, Cash Rated Safes are appropriate to either the home or the office. Our job is to make sure you select the most appropriate safe for your needs.

At Authorized Access, not only do we sell safes, we also provide a full range of safe services which include:

  • Safe Removal
  • Safe Relocation
  • Gaining Entry
  • Lock Repairs
  • Lock Upgrade
  • Replacement Keys

Never get caught out – always ensure your safe is an insurance approved safe. If it isn’t we would recommend you have it replaced as the last thing you would want is for it not to be covered by your insurance.

Why Buy a Safe?

You may believe ‘it will never happen to me’ but the harsh reality of the matter is that burglaries and cases of fire are happening to people and businesses every day. If you believe in insurance, you will already be covered for most types of loss, however the items or documents “lost” often cannot be replaced and insurance is, therefore incomplete protection. If you already own a safe but have lost the keys or forgotten the safe combination code, then Authorized Access are happy to help.

Modern safes are high security, lightweight and inexpensive. They can be re-secured if you move premises, easily concealed and be aesthetically pleasing in order to fit with your surroundings.

To determine what kind of safe is most ideal for you or your business, contact Authorized Access and our fully trained staff will guide you through the selection process and book in a visit to provide a free, no obligation survey and quotation.

What Would I Keep in a Safe?

Cash, jewellery, passports, personal documents, items of sentimental value, medication and anything you wish to keep safe and secure.

Safe Fitting Services

Getting your Safe fitted by a fully qualified Locksmith is not a demand by some insurance companies but it is most certainly recommended by them.